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Tropical Rainforest
Many animals wake up to full activity in the night and can be seen and heard throughout the rainforests if you are walking through at night. Bats generally fly far around the rainforests at night searching for food.
Monkeys and Apes can be found on various continents. Monkeys live in Asia, Africa and South America. Gorillas and chimps live in Africa, and orangutans and gibbons live in Southeast Asia.
This monkey is a white-faced capuchin monkey. When you stand quiet for a few minutes in the rainforest, you will certainly hear monkey "talk." Monkeys call to each other to keep in contact with their groups or to warn strangers away.
Other animals are not very active at night, like this Mastigodryas melanomus, that is found asleep at night.
Red-eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis callidryas) They normally stay high in their forest canopy homes of Mexico, Honduras, and Panama, only coming down during the evenings of the rainy season to mate.
Iguanas are mainly found in the New World, although there are a few species in Madagascar and Fiji. Iguanas are found in many different habitats, and the green iguana is common in Central and South America - it is often eaten by local people, and tastes rather like chicken!
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Animals of the rainforest
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